STEP 1: Your Building Site

We will arrange an obligation free visit to your proposed building site to establish its suitability for your new home proposals. To assist in this regard we will require the full residential address together with the lot number and D.P. number of the site. If you require assistance in obtaining a suitable site for your new home we can arrange guidance with this.

We then need to establish the suitable plan of your new home. This will take into account your lifestyle, the number of rooms required, general style, and most importantly, your budget.

STEP 2: Sketch Plans

These help in answering your needs with regards to layout and general appearance. Generally these will go through several phases – your input during this design stage will be most important. We will keep in constant contact during this stage. Once these sketch plans are completed we will then be in a position to establish the actual cost. There is a small fee for this stage, this being payable prior to starting. We ask you to sign an authority form to cover this aspect of the plans.

STEP 3: Final Plans

Having completed the sketch plans and accepted the quoted price, the next step is to complete the final plans. These plans include the finer details such as kitchen and bathroom layouts, the positions of electrical outlets, and sufficient detail for planning and building consents.

STEP 4: Building Contract

Having completed the approved plans and specifications, we are now at a point whereby the building contract can be prepared. Once this has been completed, we can then order your home components and schedule the construction programme.