Wind Resistant

New Zealander's are accustomed to living with the forces of nature. Not only have earthquakes, eruptions and other natural phenomena been responsible for shaping the terrain, but the likelihood of similar disasters occurring at any time is ever present.

Whatever elements of style you choose, you can count on the structural integrity and design flexibility that have distinguished Lockwood homes for half a century. The Lockwood Building System has been tested by independent engineers and is proven to be earthquake and cyclone resistant.

Our strict quality control procedures ensure that nothing but the best timber and components are used — your home is constructed more accurately, more quickly and more effectively than by conventional methods. Lockwood beams, posts, stiffeners and exterior walls are laminated for structural strength, avoiding distortion and movement.

Lockwood's walls are locked together, not just nailed together. The aluminium profiles literally lock the wood into position. The patented system combines these profiles with tie rods in the walls, for strength that lasts. For example, the outside walls can withstand more than 12 tonnes of sideways pressure from wind and earthquake, or whatever nature throws at them.

The Lockwood Building System features top—of—the—line engineered details that often exceed local building practice and add strength and structural integrity. Each one makes a difference in the lasting comfort, value and low maintenance of your home.