Eco Friendly

Whether you chose to build one of our Lockwood or Conventional type construction homes, they are all designed and built in sympathy with today’s environment and the demands being imposed upon our planet and its future sustainability.

Our solid timber Lockwood homes help by cleansing the atmosphere of carbon which happens to be a big contributor to climate change. Solid wood is made up of about 52% carbon, which is stored naturally & safely in the wood’s composition.

Other eco friendly features which set our homes at the forefront of environment sustainability include the likes of;

  • Fully insulated floor structures whether over a timber, or solid concrete floor system.
  • The use of sustainable Radiata Pine to all exterior & interior walls.
  • All exterior windows & doors are double-glazed providing effective thermal resistance & noise reduction qualities.
  • Recommend the use of solar or heat-pump cylinders for all hot water heating requirements.
  • Heating options, including energy efficient heat-pumps along with passive designed home systems to help reduce overall energy consumption.
  • Insulation throughout (floors, walls & ceilings), which at the very least meets, or in most cases exceeds industry standards.
  • Additional in-ground water storage systems and/or grey water disposal systems.
  • Strong emphasis on low maintenance building products for all essential elements of your new home.