Design & Build - your plan or ours

The design process can seem overwhelming but with over 30 years of experience we have the tools to make it an enjoyable journey towards making your dream home a reality. Our team is with you each step of the way and we have established key people to help guide you through the design and build process.

Depending on the complexity of the site we will either start a creative preliminary design or do a site analysis. Once we have the basics of the design you request, size, shape, roof, and room location we will move on to the final detailing. During this process we will work closely with you exchanging ideas for your family home.

Our design office will provide you with 3 dimensional renderings of your new design that you can rotate and view from different angles, which gives you a fantastic insight into how your completed home will look. 

We want you to feel that you've helped design and build your home, and that you feel comfortable every step of the way, in completing a home of which we can all be proud of. Contact us now if you'd like to know more about the design process and applicable fees.