Quake Resistant

In 1951 Jo La Grouw Snr created an engineering innovation that revolutionised the New Zealand building industry. That innovation was the Lockwood Building System, and with it a national icon was born, that would give rise to a national passion for natural timber lifestyle homes. From this landmark technology, Lockwood, now with Joe La Grouw Jnr as Chairman, has become New Zealand's leading builder of lifestyle homes.

The fundamental strengths of a Lockwood home cannot be copied: they are uniquely and exclusively Lockwood. Lockwood walls are locked together, not nailed together. The intricately engineered aluminium profile design slots into the machined corners of solid laminated pine, locking the wood into position.

This patented system, combined with the use of vertical tie rods in the walls, is sturdy enough to resist earthquakes and typhoons all around the world. Yet it has the flexibility to handle temperature extremes from Russia to the Middle East.

The innovations that distinguish Lockwood's Building System and structural integrity from others are the result of over 50 years of dedicated research and development.

Ongoing research has sparked a number of groundbreaking innovations including:

  • Lockwood Insulated Board - a new technology that nearly trebles the insulation properties of the standard board, providing unparalleled comfort in extreme climates.
  • Exterior wall materials, with extruded aluminium sheathing, coated with a coloured polyester resin, to provide a long lasting, superior finish.
  • Passive Ventilation - a revolutionary ventilation system that ensures your home breathes and feels aired after being closed for periods of time.
  • Pressure Equalisation - an important development for the demanding New Zealand climate, a technique that ensures excess moisture is drained away via aluminium joinery system to prevent damp and rot.