Lockwood has again been voted the most trusted home builder in New Zealand. 

READER’S DIGEST COMMISSIONED CATALYST CONSULTANCY & RESEARCH TO POLL A REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE OF NEW ZEALANDERS ABOUT TRUSTED PEOPLE AND PROFESSIONS - See more at: http://www.readersdigest.co.nz/trusted-people-2014#sthash.VIeexAs3.dpuf Reader’s Digest commissioned Catalyst Consultancy & Research to poll a representative sample of New Zealanders, with the aim of uncovering Kiwi attitudes on the most trustworthy professions, people and brands. 

Lockwood took the accolade for the second year running, putting it alongside other ‘Most Trusted’ category winners Whittakers, Kiwibank, Kenwood and Sony. The category was created last year as a response to the many issues that the building industry has faced in recent years and to acknowledge the importance of trust to the consumer when making purchase decisions. 

Son of the founder and current CEO Joe La Grouw Jnr, says the win is a huge accolade for the company and gives great pride to the Lockwood team and its network of builders and homeowners nationwide. “This is a fantastic acknowledgement of the values instilled in the Lockwood brand and the loyalty of Lockwood home-owners. “After six decades of designing great houses, so many people live in or have spent a part of their lives in a Lockwood home. “Many of them have become passionate brand ambassadors and have voted for us. We are humbled and grateful for that accolade,” said La Grouw. 

This award continues a long list of acknowledgements for Lockwood, including a gold award at the Registered Master Builder House of the Year Awards 2013 and last year becoming the first company to achieve the new CodeMark for its patented complete wall system. And as the first company to achieve this; Lockwood set a new benchmark for assurance for home building construction companies. “Lockwood is a precision engineered system that has been proven in all kinds of situations over 62 years, standing up exceptionally well to cyclones, earthquakes and all kinds of environmental challenges,” says La Grouw. “The CodeMark is not only a recognition of the company’s devotion to excellence, it is a challenge to us to keep improving our systems, our design and our relationship with our franchised builders throughout the country.” 

La Grouw says that other important features such as the Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance show that Lockwood has its eye firmly on the future. And the company has continued to reflect design changes that have brought Lockwood into the forefront of modern interior design, without losing any of the strength and durability the company was founded on. “Many people will remember the original all-wood Lockwood interiors, but will be pleasantly surprised to see the lighter, brighter and more colourful designs of today. I recommend that anybody looking to build a home takes a look at the options now available from Lockwood.” 

To experience all of the great features that set us apart, come and take a closer look at a Lockwood show home near you. View some of the great quotes from our clients as to why we were voted Most Trusted Home Building Brand.